What would you do if you came face to face with a frantic water buffalo in the middle of the city? 

As unlikely as it seems, a number of pedestrians and drivers witnessed that exact scenario in downtown Chengdu City, China in the afternoon on Thursday, January 29 . The escaped animal caused quite a panic and was only stopped after prolonged police intervention.

Warning: Some readers, especially animal lovers, may find some of the following graphic pictures difficult to stomach. Be wary if you’re squeamish about seeing blood, too. 

Chinese English-language news portal Shanghaiist reported that the unfortunate scene of the buffalo’s rampage was in Pixian, approximately 10 km (6.2 miles) northwest of Chengdu’s city center. Chengdu is the provincial capital of China’s Sichuan province.

▼ Chengdu’s location withing China


The buffalo’s owner was one Zhou Chengquan, who was actually sending the animal off to be slaughtered at the time. It escaped from the delivery truck, however, and Zhou chased it into crowded Pixian, where he then enlisted the help of the local police.

Once the police became involved, they attempted to stop the buffalo by hitting it repeatedly with their cars. Though badly wounded, the animal still tried to flee.

▼Not an everyday sight in the middle of a city road




▼We’re assuming that this is a screenshot from one of the police cars’ dash cams.


▼This is what happens when a 700-kilogram (1,543-pound) water buffalo collides with your car.


One police officer then got out of his car with his gun. Just as he released the trigger, the buffalo’s horn gashed his left leg:


The animal was finally subdued after a series of gunshots and when another police officer drove it into a nearby tree using his four-wheel drive vehicle.


Despite the chaos caused by its presence in the middle of the city, Shanghaiist reported no civilian injuries caused by the buffalo.

Rest in peace, Mr. Water Buffalo.

Source/Images: Shanghaiist