HIDALI is a well-known Japanese choreography unit that has not only performed widely but also provided choreography for top Japanese music artists such as SMAP and Arashi, as well as for important occasions such as the annual NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen New Year’s Eve music program. But even with their busy schedule, they are never short of creativity as shown through this series of YouTube dance shorts titled “GREETING SERIES” that combine their original choreography with various Japanese holidays and events. Everyday life has never seemed this fun before!

HIDALI began the series with a funny seaside dance involving muscular, speedo-clad dancers. However, their synchronized, energetic movements soon took our eyes away from the fact that they were very scantily dressed, as we became very much in awe of the swift dances steps. The series then went on to cover several familiar Japanese scenarios.

“Respect for the Aged Day” has grandma locking and popping!


▼ How can you not celebrate Valentine’s Day with pink pompoms?


“Japanese Culture Day” manifested in a public bath dance


▼ Meanwhile New Year’s was celebrated with a mochi-making dance!


▼ Here’s a cool “drunk dance” because T.G.I.F.!


However, my personal favorite had to be the Christmas episode. At first, it seems like the dance had nothing to do with Christmas. The dancers finished in this rather awkward pose:


However, the camera panned out, and just look at that!


Pictures simply cannot do these videos justice, so be sure to check out the full series on HIDALI’s YouTube channel:

Source/Images: Youtube via Japaaan