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First loves, first cars, best friends and beautiful scenery; Toyota is hitting all the right notes with their newest car commercials/web movies, entitled “The World is One,”  for their “Toyota Next One” campaign. The commercial itself is really cute, if not borderline risqué for a second, but when you learn that there are actually three versions of the exact same commercial, taking place in three different countries, the charm is taken to a whole new level and gives new meaning to the tagline at the end, “We’re all driving on the same road.”

The commercials are set in Japan, Australia and South Africa, respectively, with the latter two being done in English. They are all, more or less, and almost second-by-second. the same, save for the language, actors and scenery.

▼ This video is a composite of all three versions, so you can easily see how they really are nearly identical.

▼ The commercial starts out with the main character, we’ll call him Dweeby Guy, being completely struck by the beauty of one of his female classmates.

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▼ Cut to a few months later, Dweeby Guy gets his hands on a used Toyota (AE86 Levin) and goes on a joy ride with his best friend.

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▼ However, they happen upon the dream girl (from the first scene) on a date with another boy and Dweeby Guy is heartbroken. His mind races through all of the upsets, fun times and hard work he’s gone through to get to this point.

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▼ The best friend then takes the wheel and in an effort to cheer up his buddy, rolls down the windows of the car and tells Dweebo to stick his hand out, cupped to catch the wind. Why…?

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▼ “Get up to 60 [km/h], and the wind gives you the feel of a woman’s breast.” Tee-hee, high school boy humor. An interesting note here, the Japanese version comes straight out and says oppai (breasts), while the South African and Australian versions avoid the word, saying instead “… feel of a woman’s… you know.”

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 The commercial gets a bit sentimental at the end when the best friend suggests, “Let’s be friends forever, yeah?” but in high school boy style, Dweeby Guy responds with “No way” and a laugh.

▼ “We’re all driving on the same road.”

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The end tagline of  “We’re all driving on the same road,” would be sufficiently fulfilled by the scene of the two best friends speeding down the road into the beautiful scenery. However, the idea of the exact same events occurring in two other places in the world, lends to the idea that we are all human, we all have struggles, best friends, and get broken hearts. We are all on the same road of life. A very suitable set of commercials to encompass Toyota’s current, “The World is One,” mindset. Kind of touching, really. Nice one Toyota!

▼ Here’s a full-sized view of the Japanese version.

▼ Here’s the Australian version, notice the country specific scenery.

▼ And finally, the Australian version.

The cute commercials/web movies, which were released on January 30, have been getting a lot of positive attention, as has the background music, which if you watched all four videos, you probably have stuck in your head. In case you were wondering, the song, “Fall in Love Again,” was done by Canadian artist Tim McMorris.

Next time you face a hard situation, remember, you’re not alone, there are other people in the world going through the same thing. The answer is simple: Go out and buy a Toyota, then drive around with your best friends. Problem solved.

Source: AOL News Japan
Top Image: Screen shots from YouTube (toyotajpchannel) [The World is One- 3 countries]
Insert Images: Screen shots from YouTube (toyotajpchannel) [The World is One-Japan]