Last week, a 26-year-old who was arrested last year for murder was charged in another killing, both of which targeted elderly people. He was apparently broke and owed a significant amount of money as a result of billings for online games..


Kazuya Tsuchiya, a 26-year-old man residing in Gunma Prefecture, was arrested last year for the murder of a 93-year-old woman, which occurred when breaking into her house. Tsuchiya allegedly stole 5,000 yen (about US$41) as well as some bread and sweets. Last week, police accused Tsuchiya of another murder, to which he confessed.

The second murder involved an elderly couple, of whom the 81-year-old husband was killed and the 80-year-old wife was badly injured. Tsuchiya apparently stabbed both of them while stealing some apples. Police were able to place him at the scene of the crime when they found his DNA on an apple that he had eaten. The fruit had been dropped in the room where he had entered the house, near a broken window.

Tsuchiya was unemployed at the time and apparently completely broke. He had been fired from his previous job after he stopped showing up, and said that he had trouble interacting with others.

In addition to the murders and robberies, Tsuchiya was originally arrested for breaking into the ramen restaurant where he used to work. He is suspected to have stolen a large amount of food and about 400,000 yen (roughly $3,360), and it was during the investigation of this crime that he admitted to the first murder.

Tsuchiya apparently also owed over 1,000,000 yen (over $8,300) to three different lending companies due to billings for online games.

Sources: Naver Matome, Itai New 2Channel
Image: YouTube