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You might remember the Moon Animate Make-Up! project that brought over 250 artists together to recreate the opening scene of anime classic, Sailor Moon. It featured a mishmash of artistic styles that gave viewers a visual feast of creative talent. Now Pokémon fans are in luck because a similar project was just released online, featuring Ash, Pikachu, and the rest of the gang as seen by 32 different animators!

The video was put together by Spencer Moreland of Ottawa and is described as “A bunch of animators got together to put their own spin on the intro [of] the classic 90s anime.”

As you can imagine, with 32 different artists contributing to the same project, there is a wide variety of artistic styles displayed throughout the video. While none of the illustrations are exactly the same as the original, some are closer than others. Here’s just a few examples of the artwork you’ll find in the video, ranked from “faithful recreation” to “weirdville.”

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We just love the faces of the Pokémon in the background of that last one! Check out the video below to see the rest of the contributions!

Source: YouTube via Kotaku Japan