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The Tokyo Disney Resort recently announced it’ll be raising admission prices to its two immensely popular amusement parks, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. However, not all of that extra cash is going to be going straight into Mickey and Pooh Bear’s retirement funds.

Some of that new revenue will also be going towards new attractions at the parks, such as the three-billion yen (US $25.4-million) construction of a new character meet and greet area and restaurant with a theme that might be familiar to long-time Disney Comic readers or fans of the TV series DuckTales with particularly sharp memories.

While Tokyo Disneyland has the same Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, and Adventureland of the Anaheim original, Japan gets Westernland as a stand-in for Frontierland. As you’d guess from the name, Westernland is filled with cowboy architecture and landscaping evocative of the American wilderness.

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In keeping with that theme of the great outdoors, Tokyo Disneyland will soon be starting work on a new themed area where guests can meet and pose for pictures with Disney characters, similar to the Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey attraction that opened in the Toontown section in 1996. Instead of focusing on Disney’s leading mouse, though, this time the spotlight is being placed on Donald Duck and his three nephews, and specifically the Junior Woodchucks of the World organization the four are members of.

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As often referenced in DuckTales, the Junior Woodchuck guidebook was instrumental in getting Huey, Dewey, and Louie out of all manner of jams when they couldn’t rely on Uncle Scrooge’s financial might. The Junior woodchucks are first and foremost a Boy Scouts-like outdoors and conservationist group, though, and the new attraction will be modeled after one of their campgrounds.

Along with the simulated campground, guests to the park can visit a new camping lodge-like restaurant as the currently existing Lucky Nugget Cafe will be getting a renovation and theming change to match the Junior Woodchucks atmosphere.

▼ The Lucky Nugget Cafe, which will shut down this fall

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▼ Concept art for the new restaurant

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The two-story building will have both indoor and outdoor seating, with some of its outdoor décor being modeled after a campfire space. Both the restaurant and Junior Woodchuck campground will be situated along the Rivers of America waterway, allowing guests to watch steamboats and canoes flow by as they grab a bite to eat or shake hands with their favorite Disney icons.

Both new attractions are expected to be completed in the latter half of 2016.

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