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It’s been quite a few years since director Mamoru Hosoda’s widely acclaimed animated movie Summer Wars was released, but fans of the film can experience it again in a new way – by turning Twitter into the virtual world of OZ from the movie.

Early last week, Twitter user @keito_jp announced the production of an app that would display Twitter in a similar way that the computer-simulated virtual reality world OZ appears in the 2009 animated film Summer Wars.

The movie, which won numerous awards both in and outside of Japan, follows high school math genius Kenji as he gets wrapped up in a hacking incident that occurs in OZ, which he and his friend help moderate. Members of OZ can create their own avatar to interact with in the virtual world.

summer wars chat Image: YouTube

While you can’t create an avatar and interact with others like you can in the movie, this new app does a pretty cool job at giving Twitter a bit of an OZ flair. You can see it for yourself by following the link from Keito’s tweet, though unfortunately it’s only available in Japanese. Never fear though, we’ll give you a quick walk-through so you can play around with it too!

Once you access the site, you will need to log in with your Twitter account by clicking the button that reads “Twitterアカウントでログイン”. Since the project is still in production, you may get an error, or may be brought back to the same screen once or twice, but if you keep trying you’ll get to the next screen eventually. Persistence is the key here.


Now that you’ve made it to the next level, you will need to pick a key word to search for, which goes into the first blank, then how many posts you wish to display, which goes in the second blank. Finally, click the button “検索!” to search.


And behold, the fruits of your labor! A random selection of tweets appear on your screen, which you can click and drag around to see different ones up close.


Again, it’s Japanese only so most of the results you will get will be in Japanese. It’s pretty neat to look at, although quite difficult to read, and at the moment all you can really do is simply read random tweets and drag them around on the screen. We hope this gets developed even further, because the concept itself has a lot of potential. It would be even better if we could get a social networking site completely modeled after OZ as well!

Source: My Game News Flash, Twitter @keito_jp
Featured image: YouTube