100 yen stores in Japan are amazing treasure troves of cute, functional and useful bits and pieces you never knew you needed. They’re the perfect place to go to when you’re struggling with that “I need to buy something” feeling and don’t want to spend too much money, since everything in the store is the same price of (tax included) 108 yen. Perhaps one of the most successful of Japan’s 100 yen stores is Daiso, which stocks a huge variety of useful household goods and snacks (among some of its more, um, interesting wares).

But did you know that Daiso also exists outside of Japan? Here’s what happened when two YouTubers from California decided to share their haul of goodies from their local Daiso with their followers online!

When Kat Sketch and her friend Chelsey uploaded a video titled “CUTE DAISO JAPANESE HAUL”, it immediately drew the attention of Japanese netizens. The pair’s excitement over simple 100-yen store goods proved highly entertaining to Japanese viewers who perhaps take 100-yen stores for granted due to their ubiquity in their home country. However, the video was made with viewers in the US in mind, and the girls’ excitement is pretty understandable if you’re a lover of cute things who has never been to a 100-yen store before (although, since this Daiso is in California, everything’s US$ 1.50!)

The video proper is down below, but first let’s take a quick look at some of the items featured!

▼ Shrimp chips!

▼ “The cups are a little small, but they’re super adorable”

▼ “It’s pink and cute and I love it!”

 ▼ Cute fuzzy pink polka-dotted slippers! “It looks like you took a Muppet and made it into a sock.”

 ▼ “These washcloths are like white clouds!”

 ▼ “Doesn’t it look like a Miyazaki character?”


“If you like cutesy things and floral things, Daiso is definitely the way to go,” says Kat. The pair also give plenty of suggestions for alternative uses of Daiso products for the western market – for example, repurposing chopsticks as hair accessories, and using ramen bowls to serve guacamole or salsa. Genius!

Have you ever been to Daiso or another 100 yen store in Japan or abroad?

Source: AOL JP
Images: Screenshots via YouTube