The people of China have once again been gifted with some free live entertainment, in the form of another over-the-top public outburst. Last week, it was a wife going nuts at her husband for buying over-priced baby formula, but now the playing field has leveled, and we have what almost looks like a scene straight from a TV drama as a couple gets into a heated argument in the middle of a subway station.

But what on earth would cause someone to lose their cool like that in front of a crowd of people?

On February 1, a passerby at a subway station in Shenzhen City happened upon this couple as their argument broke out and, as seems instinctual to the folks of this generation, took out their phone to record the encounter. The cause of the spat was that the man had purportedly given the woman a hard time for not putting any makeup on, to which the woman – perhaps understandably – lashed back.

A crowd gathers as the yelling intensifies, and the man, seemingly in an attempt to put an end the embarrassing scene, tries to drag the woman away with him, but she’s having none of it.

▼ Sadly, this moment was not followed by a tender kiss

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 12.55.42 PM

We’re not sure what’s said, but the man seems to have had the last straw and throws the poor bouquet of flowers he’s holding to the ground before storming off, leaving the woman where she stands. She throws him some choice last words before crouching to the ground, and the surrounding observers slowly disperse awkwardly. In a final act of rage, the woman grabs the already decimated roses and chucks them again to the ground, before charging at the person recording the video.

It was honestly a pretty low move of the guy to give the girl a hard time for being makeup-less… Since when did makeup become a requirement? Even still, was the public outburst really necessary? Well, at least no one was harmed (aside from the innocent bouquet), and in the end we have yet another outrageous video to share with you all.

Source: YouTube via TOYCHAN NET
Featured image: YouTube