Hopes were high when Hello Kitty Park officially opened its doors on February 4 in Zhejiang Province, China. The largest Hello Kitty theme park in the world, Hello Kitty Park was backed by Kitty-chan’s creators Sanrio and The Hettema Group, a California-based theme park design company. Unfortunately for Kitty fans, however, the park has been widely blasted online during its initial opening period for its underwhelming attractions, small size, and rumours of fake Kitty goods.

Hype for the park was extremely high, and a lavish inauguration ceremony was held on November 28 last year to celebrate the completion of construction, which you can see a short video of below:

However, once the park actually opened its doors, Chinese sites were awash with negative reports lambasting the overall experience. Among the complaints were:

“Most of the attractions weren’t even working, and it only took around 10 minutes to check out everything the park has to offer.”

“It looked like a construction site, and the stink of fresh paint was everywhere!”

“I flew here specially from Xi’an, but it’s such a crudely made theme park that I was left disappointed.”

“None of the attractions looked fun. And there were huge queues for the boring attractions. It just wasn’t any fun at all.”

“There were only a few restaurants and they were in total chaos. The price for food and drinks was ludicrous.”

“There were fake Sanrio goods being sold near the gates.”

“The cheapest room at the hotel was 900 yuan per night (17,000 yen/US$143), which is even more expensive than Hong Kong Disneyland.”

“The shuttle bus came so rarely that in the end we had to take an unlicensed taxi.”

“In a word, it was shoddy.”

Unfortunately, Kitty herself was not able to provide comment owing to the fact that she does not possess a mouth. But Japan’s ever-vocal net users had plenty to say about it!

“Are we sure this is even actually an official theme park?”

“Why did they choose to make it in China, though?”

“What kind of official theme park sells fake goods?”

“[In response to the above comment] If fake goods were being sold near the entrance, it was probably just opportunistic locals trying to make a quick buck, no?”

“This isn’t going to do much for the Hello Kitty brand’s image. They shouldn’t have bothered.”

Hopefully the owners of Hello Kitty Park will take the visitors’ comments to heart and get the park up to scratch before too long – otherwise we foresee a lot more disappointed kids and out-of-pocket parents in the future…

Source: Livedoor News, Hachima Kikou
Image: Screenshot via YouTube