Anime changes lives, and we have the photographs to prove it. Who doesn’t love a good tale of transformation complete with shocking before and afters? One man showcases his change from chain-smoking drunk to dedicated otaku, but was it really a change for the better?

Twitter user @harasho2521 explained how he was lost and on the path to destruction before hugely successful multimedia project Love Live! came into his life and saved him, transforming him into someone who would be unrecognizable to his old self.

“Thanks to Love Live! I’ve been able to quit cigarettes and alcohol… I was reminiscing and looking through my photo folder and shocked myself to see what a different person I am now compared to before I got into Love Live!”

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He described his debauched lifestyle pre-Love Live!, and is grateful that he now has his waifu Nico Yazawa to keep him in line.

“I used to smoke three packs a day and if I went without I’d get annoyed and moody. I smoked like a chimney and if anyone asked me then, I’d say I’d never, ever quit. But since I became obsessed with Love Live! and fell in love with Nico I was able to quit. I guess there was an incentive, but the most important thing is strength of willpower.”

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Check out these shocking before and after photos.


▼Expensive tastes in alcohol could have ruined his liver and his bank account.


▼Never without a cigarette.



▼Proud Love Liver who saves money for his precious merch.


▼Glow sticks instead of cancer sticks.


Someone asked him to show off his current hairstyle, and he revealed that he’s heading down the route of natural beauty.

“The style is still the same as back then with the sides shaved, but now I usually let it fall naturally rather than putting it up like I used to lol”

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What do you think of his huge change in lifestyle? Fellow Netizens’ reactions were mixed:

“As long as he’s enjoying himself, that’s what matters”

“It looks like his entire standard of living has changed…”

“There’s only one thing that hasn’t changed and that’s his spending habits”

“Why has his taste in furniture fallen too?”

“Another one’s been saved…”

“Did he go from his own place back to living with his parents?!”

The good news is that you too can undergo your own transformation. All you need is a smartphone to download the Love Live! app. And something to watch the anime DVDs on. And money to buy all the merch. And time to go to the concerts. And a fiery and enduring love for your waifu. It’s as simple as that!

Source: Twitter via HamuSoku
Images: Twitter