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We’ve written at length about the many Chinese women who have captured the hearts of Japanese men online. There’s been Chinese pool players, completely normal Chinese college students, and even 13-year-old dancers making men all over sweat as they furiously comment away on their keyboards.

The latest in the Chinese woman craze is the 23-year-old goalkeeper from the Chinese women’s national soccer team, Zhao Lina. Standing at 187cm tall (6ft 1.5in), she may have an imposing figure, but her smile has melted hearts all across Asia.

Zhao is currently training along with the rest of the Chinese national team in preparation for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup this June. Despite her formidable skill on the field though, it’s not (yet) her sweet saves or quick kicks that are getting attention online, but her model-like face and figure.

Here’s some pictures of Zhao that have been tweeted online:

▼ Here she is running with her teammates.

▼ And catching a ball.

▼ And, uh, catching another ball I guess? That’s what keepers do best after all!

▼ Taking a break, perhaps? I mean I’m sure she’s doing a great job practicing but I’m not seeing the “model-like” face everyone’s talking ab–

▼ Oh. There it is.

▼ All right, I understand now.


Of course Japanese netizens have lots to say on the matter, some comments decidedly more face-palmy than others:

“Finally, a reason to watch the Women’s Cup!”
“I’ve been telling people to watch for years. This is why!”
“Good god, any woman 187 centimeters tall is a monster.”
“But she’s so cute. I wish she could just shrink down a little bit.”
“She could probably play basketball too if she wanted.”
“A real woman is someone who can still look beautiful covered in sweat.”

Honestly, we’d rather people tuned in to watch the Women’s World Cup to see the players’ skill on the field (let’s be honest, Nadeshiko Japan having been putting the Japanese men’s side to shame recently), but if it takes a few pretty faces like Zhao Lina’s to get them to start paying attention, so be it. Here’s to a great World Cup!

Source: AOL News Japan
Featured image: Twitter (1, 2) (Edited by RocketNews24)
Inset images: Twitter