For all those people out there who simply hate the sight of their own honker, rhinoplasty is a widely available but expensive solution. But what if you either can’t afford or are simply too scared to take the drastic step of having a nose job? Well now there’s a novel new solution for those wanting a less “bulbous” snout, with the invention of Nose Secret, handy little plastic doodads you shove up your schnozzle to give you that pointy, slightly upturned effect.

It’s worth noting before we begin that Nose Secret won’t do anything for those who are looking for ways to reduce the overall size of their beak. No, Nose Secret is specifically designed for those who would like a higher, sharper looking nose, something that’s especially craved in Asia. If you’re Caucasian and have ever felt self-conscious when an Asian friend or acquaintance has drawn attention to the “height” of your nose, don’t worry – it’s actually a massive compliment! The sharp, neatly defined razor-edge nose that tends to appear a bit more often on Caucasian faces is what Nose Secret aims to emulate.

Nose Secret consists of two simple plastic sticks in varying sizes, which are simply inserted into each nostril. The effects are subtle, but can clearly be seen in the following before and after photos:

A trial pack containing three different sizes of Nose Secret is available to buy for the slightly hefty price of 4,097 yen (US$34), although it’s also possible to guess your own size and pick up a one-size pack for 3,042 yen (US$25) if you’re one of those people who doesn’t like to pay through the nose for things (sorry!). Nose Secret has a dedicated YouTube channel for those thinking of investing in some nostril props, or you could check out their website.

It’s not only in Japan where Nose Secret has gained popularity – it’s already a thing in the west! when supremely popular beauty YouTuber Michelle Phan posted a video on her channel extolling the virtues of Nose Secret, other beauty gurus were quick to pay attention. In fact, if you pop “Nose Secret” into the YouTube search bar, you can check out a ton of review videos from YouTubers around the world, many of whom are delighted with the nasal enhancement provided by the product.

▼ Michelle Phan is a phan, er, I mean, FAN of Nose Secret.

MyInvisibleChyrsalis has also been seen on YouTube talking about Nose Secret.

What do you think of this kind of beauty aid? Should we all just learn to love the snouts we were born with, or is there absolutely nothing wrong with enhancing your beauty in whichever way works for you? After all, you can’t pick your own nose, (heh, heh) but with Nose Secret, you can make the best of what you’ve got!

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