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You might think that after Keanu Reeves’s 2013 movie 47 Ronin – very loosely based on the Japanese story Chūshingura – became the second biggest box office bomb ever, Japanese people’s opinion on the actor would go down a little bit.

Well, you’d be wrong! On February 11, Keanu Reeves was spotted just walking down the street in Akihabara like any other tourist, and he was instantly mobbed by fangirls and fanboys alike, each one clamoring for the best “Keanu selfies” that they could get.

The most probable reason given for Keanu Reeves’s visit to Akihabara is location scouting for his upcoming miniseries Rain, where he will play a Japanese-American war-veteran-turned-assassin. Why the studios thought it would be a good idea to cast him in another role where he plays someone half-Japanese after the abysmal failure of 47 Ronin is anyone’s guess.

But hey! Who cares? Oh my god look! It’s Keanu Reeves!

▼ Is it possible to be any more handsome? I think not.


▼ Life can be hard when you’re a Hollywood celebrity and just want to buy some dojinshi in peace.


▼ “All right, but make this quick. I’ve got tickets for the AKB48 show in 10 minutes.”


▼ He was also spotted at the Imperial Palace, looking less enthusiastic than before.

While most of the comments about Keanu’s surprise visit to Japan were squeals of jealousy, there were a few others in the mix as well:

▼ “Apparently Richard Gere is here too. Japan’s air got a whole lot sweeter today. Better breathe it in while I can.”

▼ “OMG OMG OMG Keanu looked at me! This guy is crazy about Japan! OMG OMG!”

“Maybe he came to Japan to avoid the paparazzi. How ironic.”
“He plays the role of an average guy in the street so well.”
“I think he’s just giving some fanservice.”
“His sneaking-skills have really deteriorated for him to be caught this easily.”
“Yeah, I’d definitely do a couple of double-takes if I saw him in the street.”
“Why is he playing all these half-Japanese roles? Do foreigners think he looks Asian?”
“Oh man, now I want to watch The Matrix again!”

If you’re in Tokyo and happen to get a “Keanu selfie” of your own, consider yourself lucky. Just be wary of any “red or blue pills” that he may try to offer you.

Source: Twitter via Hachima Kikou
Featured/inset images: Twitter