We’ve introduced you to the impossibly adorable wonderland of cute known as Zao Kitsune Village before, but these little guys are so darn cute we just can’t help ourselves. The zoo, located in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan has over 100 little fox fluff-balls running free through the park grounds. A walk through the Kitsune Village, with all that cute running around you, is probably akin to a walk through heaven.

And for those of you still wondering what the fox says? We have some video evidence for you to hear for yourselves!

Kitsune – as foxes are called in Japanese – make many appearances in Japanese folklore and myths, as well as in many modern-day stories, games, and anime as well. Just as in Western cultures, they’re viewed as sly, cunning creatures, but are also though of as wise animals with the ability to use magic and have shape-shifting powers. They are also extremely cute, and as you all probably know by know the Japanese love all things kawaii.


▼”Get your cute faces on guys, it’s feeding time!”


▼”That’s the spot!”


Since foxes are nocturnal, they tend to be most active at night and mostly sleep during the day. And that’s okay, because they are just as squee-ably cute asleep as they are awake.

▼Did you know foxes come with built-in pillows?


▼And blankets too.



Kitsune Village is a bit difficult to access unless you have a car, being a 25-minute drive from the nearest train station, without any regular bus service to the area. But if you can rent a car or call a cab, the trek will be more than worth it. Probably the most well-known or well-recognized is the red fox, but there are a total of six different fox breeds living at the park.

▼Someone doesn’t look too happy to have lost at a game of king of the mountain.



▼But what are they saying?


Learn a little more about the foxes living at Kitsune Village, and keep an ear out for distinctive little yips. (English captions available.)

While the verdict may still be out on what noise they make (I’d say somewhere between yips and squeals), the Japanese, with their love of onomatopoeia, can agree that the fox says kon-kon.

Park hours are from 9:00am-4:00pm. From January 10 to March 18, the park is closed every Wednesday, but is otherwise open every other day of the year.

Zao Kitsune Village official website (Japanese only)
Source: Karapaia, YouTube

Images: Karapaia