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I’ve always felt a certain bond with Keanu Reeves, seeing how we’re both graduates of San Dimas High School (me in real life, and him through his portrayal of Theodore “Ted” Logan in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure). So I was a little bummed when the Hollywood actor came to Tokyo but didn’t call me up to hang out with him in Akihabara.

I’ve got to say, my feelings are now even more hurt, since this new batch of photos of the good-natured Reeves posing with fans in Japan makes it seem like the RocketNews24 staff are the only people the actor hasn’t spent time with during his visit, despite the fact that we’d be more than happy to hook him up with a meal at his favorite ramen restaurant, which has a chain right by our office.

When you combine international film stardom with the huge amounts of pedestrian traffic in Tokyo, it’s no surprise that crowds have been gathering around Reeves during his walks through the city. He seems to be incredibly generous with his time, though, happily appearing in snapshots with starstruck Tokyoites in locales as varied as the entrance to the Imperial Palace and an izakaya restaurant.

▼ His bowing technique isn’t too shabby, either.

His willingness to accommodate his fans is all the more impressive considering that his visit to Japan doesn’t seem to be a pleasure trip, but rather part of location scouting for his upcoming Rain TV miniseries, which is set, at least partially, in Japan.

Aside from the electronics and anime mecca of Akihabara, Reeves has been spotted in the historical Asakusa neighborhood, specifically in one of its entertainment sections called Rokku Hanamichi, and also in Shinjuku.

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His appearance in Shinjuku is important for two reasons. First, that puts him in the same part of the city as the RocketNews24 office. Second, no matter how busy the location scouting for Rain is, the guy’s got to eat sometime, right?

Well, word is that Reeves is a huge ramen fan who always makes time for a bowl of noodles while he’s in Japan. A culinary man of the people, rumor has it that he’s particular about sitting at the counter with his fellow diners instead of getting the move star treatment with a table all to himself, and also that he has a fondness for the food at the chain Ramen Jiro.

▼ What a coincidence-we do too!

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Reeves is said to have a particular liking for Ramen Jiro’s extra-filling yasai mashi mashi abura which comes with a heaping helping of vegetables and pork fat. And wouldn’t you know, there just happens to be a Ramen Jiro branch a short walk from our office!

So what do you say, Keanu? Got time for a bite to eat and a chat with the RocketNews24 staff about your impressions of Japan? We’re buying.

▼ I’ll even let you wear my San Dimas High cap, for old times’ sake.

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Source: Naver Matome
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