When we first saw this tweet from Twitter user kotekote_mk, we got all excited imagining the possibilities of re-using boring old chocolate boxes as handy storage boxes for our game cartridges and consoles. Just look at how neatly those cards fit into the little spaces for the chocolates! It really speaks to our love of organisation. And video games. And, okay, chocolate. And we’re not the only ones – the response to the tweet practically broke poor kotekote_mk’s Twitter page…

The tweet, posted along with a message that reads “This is why I want Godiva” shows just how handy super-fancy chocolate brand Godiva’s boxes are for storing all of your gaming doodads. The tweet was retweeted 18,000 times, and we’re betting that a whole lot of game nerds like ourselves will be rushing out to Godiva this Valentine’s Day to score themselves a sweet storage box (and some yummy chocolate as a bonus.)

▲ Hmm, what do you think of kotekote_mk’s taste in video games? We think we can spot Smash Bros and Bravely Default… What, no Animal Crossing?

Soon after the tweet was posted, kotekote_mk found themselves the unlikely recipient of internet fame and a tonne of new followers as a result of their innovative organising genius:

▲ “My followers have increased like crazy omg I’m dying of laughter”

▲ “Twitter is freakin’ scary!!!”

The story was even picked up by Spotlight-media, which freaked out the op even more! “Why don’t you all just calm down now?” they pleaded, but to no avail!

▲ “I feel like quitting Twitter now to be honest…”

Poor kotekote_mk! Still, it almost makes us want to rush out and buy a box of super-expensive Godiva chocolates just so our carts can be nice and snug. But wait a minute – with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, surely someone out there will save us the trouble and gift us a nice box of chocs! Er, anyone…?

Source: Twitter @kotekote_mk
Main Image: Screenshot via Twitter @kotekote_mk