Cats are notorious for being finicky and difficult sometimes (okay, actually quite a lot of the time). As  cat lovers we learn to cherish every head-butt and hand-nuzzle that our feline buddies dole out as and when the mood strikes them, but sometimes you’ve got to take matters into your own hands if you want to get some loving. If kitty’s resisting your advances, try gently wrapping them up in a big old “purrito” with an old towel or blanket, then you’ll have a captive audience for your snuggles and smooches!

Trust us, cats love it, and if you don’t believe us, check out this purrito gallery!

While purritos have existed in the West for a while now, it wasn’t until recently that Japan got in on the kitty-wrapping act when a purrito craze hit Twitter in Japan. Having heard that loosely swaddling their kitties could help them to relax, a bunch of cat owners decided to try it out on their little bundles of fur, thoughtfully documenting the results for us to coo over!

▲ “Wrapped kitty in a blanket!”

▲ “Wrapped Mr Kitty in a blanket and he’s in total bliss!”

▲ “I wrapped the office cat in a towel and now it’s all sleepy!”

The “office cat”? Do you work here, by any chance??

▲ “I wrapped up kitty for fun and now she’s totally powerless!”

▲ “Kitty was cold after a bath, so my mum wrapped him in a towel. Look how happy he is!”

▲ “It’s weird how calm kitty gets when I wrap her in a laundry net. We went to the vet like this.”

▲ “Look at kitty! Wrapped her up and put her on my lap and now she’s snoozing.”

▲ “Kitty all wrapped up”

▲ “Kitty wrapped in a towel.”

If, despite that gallery of happy, whiskery faces up there, you still think that cats can’t possible enjoy being made into a purrito, then perhaps science can convince you! Apparently, cats feel relaxed in snug spaces due to a kind of residual kittenhood, when they were often squished up tightly along with their siblings while nursing from their mother. Vets recommend “swaddling” nervous cats to help calm them down during health checks or other times of trauma, such as when fireworks are going off outside. Swaddling also works well to immobilise a struggling cat during the administering of medicine.

If you’d like to learn how to make your own purritos, then watch this instructional video!

Source: Naver Matome
Main Image: Twitter @mm8282