Pandas have a pretty laid-back and serene image, don’t they? When you picture pandas, you probably imagine them lazing around, maybe chewing on some bamboo or their own feet.

But it turns out that when you put a bunch of pandas into a zoo enclosure together, you sometimes wind up with a panda death match, a veritable battle royale of pandas, where escape is futile and the fight goes on until only one panda emerges victorious! Okay, so they’re only play-fighting, but it’s still really, really cute!

The pandas in the following videos were captured giving each other a duffing up by some amused onlookers at an unnamed zoo in China. The videos, titled NAUGHTY PANDAS PLAY GROUP-FIGHTS! CUTE TROUBLE MAKERS! PART I & II, can be viewed below, but let’s take a look at some of the best bits of the action first!

When one panda attempts to bow out of the fray by escaping up a tree, his playmate is quick to yank him back down and give him a quick slap for his troubles.

▼ “Get back here, Fred! This ain’t over till I’m the last panda standin’!”

It turns out that Slappy Panda is a bit of a jackass, as he then turns his attention to another panda who was just sitting there minding its own business.

▼ “Get outta the arena if ya ain’t goin’ ta throw down!”

The crowd roars its approval as one crafty panda attempts to gain the advantage by getting up out of harm’s way and launching an aerial assault.

▼ “Neener neener!”

Check out the videos for more frenzied panda action!

Source: YouTube via Toychan
Screenshots via YouTube