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It’s really nice that we live in a world where a transgender woman uploading pictures of herself onto social media results in comments like “oh my god you’re so pretty!” and “I love your dress!” instead of slurs and hate.

Most recently, Thai transgender sensation Nong Poy uploaded a picture onto her social media that some followers thought made her look exactly like Chinese model/actress/singer Aneglababy. In all honesty though, this author doesn’t really care who she looks like; she’s already plenty awesome just looking like no one else but herself.

Nong Poy (also known as Poy or Treechada Petcharat) has been absolutely tearing up the Asian entertainment world since 2004, when she was first noticed after winning Miss International Queen, the world’s largest transgender beauty pageant. She’s starred in commercials and movies in Thailand and China, turning heads and changing minds about what it means to be a woman.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s a cellphone commercial of hers you can watch for yourself:

▼ I’ll take all seven phones please!

When Poy starred in the 2013 Hong Kong film The White Storm, she had an intense love scene with one of the lead actors Nick Cheung. He later told the media that he was uncomfortable with the scene, going so far as to wash his mouth out when they were done. Instead of agreeing with him and joining in the pitchfork-raising, netizens instead rushed to her aid: (posts made in English were mostly kept in their original form)

“He has no brain. Poyd is a woman. And an incredibly beautiful one at that. What is his problem?”
“So rude. I read that he ‘questioned his sexuality’ after kissing her. WTF? She’s a girl, post-op or not. What an idiot.”
“What!!!? Poyd is very hot ladyboy!! So many man chasing after her!!”
“He kisses disgustingly. Poor Poyd.”

We’re going to have to agree, especially after seeing the tons of amazing pictures of Poy on social media:

▼ The obligatory duckface.

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Hallo Shanghai:)))

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▼ A classier look for when she needs to be fancy.

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#Disaya #tvpool

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▼ And a younger look for when she needs to look sixteen for some reason.

▼ Just because she’s a woman doesn’t mean she can’t kill you when you’re not looking.

▼ And then slip into some pink polka dots when she’s done.

▼ At first I thought this was an AVP – Aliens Versus Predator – tanktop. For some reason I wasn’t disappointed.

Poy recently she won the 2014 Sina Weibo “Thailand’s Person of the Year Award” for her social media presence and acting in Chinese movies. She hopes that this will help more people get to know about Thailand, so if you’d like to be part of her goal, then give her a follow on Facebook or Instagram. When she becomes an international star, you’ll be able to brag to your friends that you were social media pals with her first.

Source: ETtoday via Xinhuaxia News
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