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Giant monster movies were the Japanese reaction to the atom bomb and an allegory to the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Their message was clear, Godzilla is a fearsome monster that can occur when science and technology get carried away. These kaiju (Japanese for giant monster) were intimidating creatures designed to be the bad guy. It’s pretty easy to cheer for their destruction when they look super scary.

We don’t have a time machine to go back and check Toho’s original concept designs, but we are pretty sure they didn’t look anything like the “Godzilla Female Personification Project“. This version of Gojira has got a bit of the boom boom, and it makes us think the wrong thing.

It is very common to see popular anime and manga characters get gender-bended in fanart. It’s also pretty normal to see non-human characters and objects turned into females. DeviantArt has always been a fun place to see interpretations on the newest characterizations and strange combinations. Artist gamerag3, has been drawing up a swarm of kaiju personified as beautiful women.


godzilla 8Image: DeviantArt (gamerag3)


godzilla 6Image: DeviantArt (gamerag3)


godzilla 7Image: DeviantArt (gamerag3)

These pictures hail not from the land of Godzilla’s origin, but from Taiwan, a country that is really emerging as a source of creativity in the world of manga and comics. Gamerag3 has also collaborated with other CG artists to create a 3-D version of his dynamic art.

godzilla 4Image: DeviantArt (Ke–Y & gamerag3)

Taiwanese artists have really started to get noticed and some of their major conventions like Fancy Frontier (the Taiwanese komiket) and Comic World Taiwan are attracting more and more attention worldwide. Names like Vofan, Takayama Kisai, Ping Fan and Chen Shu Fen may not be easily recognizable, but how about their illustrated works which include the Monogatari Series, True Love Story – Summer Days, and yet…, and Seifuku Shijo?

If this trend continues, we might soon be seeing a lot more Taiwanese names beside Japanese ones on store shelves. It seems this is still an ongoing project, but until new works are uploaded, let’s have more of these fun kaiju interpretations get you through the day.

Burning Godzilla

godzilla 1Image: Deviant Art (gamerag3)

The Life of Godzilla

godzilla 2Image: Deviant Art (gamerag3)

The Life of Rodan

godzilla 3Image: Deviant Art (gamerag3)

Godzilla Jr.

godzilla 5Image: Deviant Art (gamerag3)

Source: Erumaer
Top Image: Deviantart (gamerag3