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Because the internet just can’t get enough of cats doing things – and neither can we – here is another cat video that has taken the Japanese internet by storm. In short, it’s a video of a pair of cats, one ‘doing things’ and the other ‘doing nothing’. Who knew it could be that adorable? This is indeed the Neko Power at its best!

Japanese blogger mako-mako recently shared this intriguing video of her two cats side by side. Ohagi, the grey-and-white one on the left, can’t stop turning his head to whatever toys she throws at him. On the other hand, Amitaro on the right simply refuses to react to anything his owner is putting before him.

It turns out that Amitaro is actually a whopping 13 years older than Ohagi, which in human year makes him roughly 69 years older. Grumpy grandpa ain’t going to respond to your tricks anymore, eh?

Source/Image: YouTube, h/t Kotaro Blog