In a country where girls traditionally give chocolate to boys on Valentine’s Day and the boys returning the favor exactly one month later on White Day, February 14 in Japan has got to be a pretty lonely day for the young men who attend all-boys schools.

But it turns out that those boys may not suffer through such a bleak holiday after all. Take a look at these pictures and see how some students at Japanese boys’ schools celebrated Valentine’s Day this year, minus the girls!

In recent years, it seems that giving chocolate not only to your romantic interest but also to your friends has been an increasing trend in Japan. Guys can also jump on the “ore-choco” bandwagon, which is chocolate that men with a sweet tooth buy specifically for themselves. After all, who says that the boys can’t treat themselves every once and a while?

Even so, if you’re a guy at a Japanese all-boys school, you’d think that the chances of receiving something sweet on Valentine’s Day are drastically slimmer than if you attended a co-ed establishment. Just look at these lockers from an all-boys school, decorated with humorous pleas for food:

▼”I want food” and “I haven’t eaten in three days!”

Hopefully they got what they wished for.

Based on the following pictures from other all-boys schools, it seems that an impressive number of guys actually do bring in handmade chocolate for everyone, resulting in delight, laughs, and slight confusion for the others:

▼”Some guy makes chocolate for our whole class so our school is super lucky!”

▼”Yep, you can get homemade chocolate even at a boys’ school. Thanks, Akira”

▼”There was chocolate in my desk!!! ※This is a boys’ school.”

▼”Ishizaki found chocolate inside his desk when he got to school in the morning. However, this is a boys’ school!”

▼”This being a boys’ school and all, you might think we have no connection to chocolate on Valentine’s Day. But actually, we’re having chocolate fondue now! LOL”

▼”We go to a boys’ school but we made these. It was fun!”

▼”Here’s what Valentine’s Day looks like at a boys’ school!”

▼”A typical (Valentine’s) day at a boys’ school”

▼”I’m glad I got chocolate this year! Even though I go to a boys’ school”

▼”I got chocolate early at my cram school, and it was from a boy…is this how they do it at boys’ schools!?”

▼”I got chocolate! Being at an all-boys’ school isn’t bad, LOL. I got to try Haruki’s chocolate, too.”

▼”I got chocolate! ※This is a boys’ school.”

▼”I got handmade chocolate from my friend. ※This is a boys’ school ※It’s the second time today ※It has protein in it ※It has jalapeños in it ※It has salt in it”

▼”Boys’ schools are great. There’s someone who made chocolates for the whole class. Everyone was excited and started eating them, but some of them were filled with wasabi, Tabasco, or red pepper, and a bunch of guys almost spit them out! I guess my only chocolate this year is from a dude.”

▼”Huh? I thought for sure that I went to a boys’ school. And it looks like the inside’s empty. I’m looking forward to opening it, but it’s a day early.”

▼”A typical Valentine at a boys’ school”

▼”Valentine’s Day at a boys’ school”

Really now, isn’t it silly that we even need an excuse to give each other chocolate in the first place, whether it’s girl-to-boy or otherwise? Everyone should take a cue from the pictures above and spread the chocolate love whenever they want!

Source: Naver Matome
Top image: Twitter (@syotajudo2)