cat 3

Sometimes our pets do crazy things to get our attention, whether it be for food, to play or just for some good ol’ loving. This adorable green-eyed feline seems to have tried everything to get his owner’s attention, but with little success, so he had to resort to some sort of strange yoga move. This pose did the trick, because he not only got the attention he craved, but that of the internet community too!

▼ What the heck, cat?! Is that your hind leg?


What on Earth are you trying to say with that pose? His ears are pinned back, so is this some kind of threat? We didn’t even know a cat’s hind legs could move like that!

▼ Maybe he’s been watching too many yoga videos. “Hey, that’s not so hard!”

Eka Pada Bakasana 2_0

What do you think this kitty is trying to say with this awkward pose? Tell us in the comments section below!

Source: Twitter (@sukeyotafumi) via Togech
Images: Twitter (@sukeyotafumi) edited by RocketNews24, Gallery Hip