hammyWe’re pretty keen followers of the Japanese site Hamster Sokuhou (“hamster newsflash”). But if there’s one thing that site has long been missing, it’s hamster-themed news…until now!

Because entertainment news site Hamster Sokuhou, which actually has nothing to do with rodents at all, has finally done what it says on the tin and brought us something hamster-related to write home about, with this Japanese Twitter user’s tale of one greedy little pet who escaped in the night.

The incident happened late one night, wrote Twitter user @babyjamissan in a post on February 11th. The intrepid hamster, having somehow escaped from his cage, proceeded to gorge on cat food until his cheeks were crammed so full, it seemed like he could neither eat the food, or spit it out. “My hamster has turned into an alien!” the owner declared.

▼ I’m not sure I’d say alien, but that is one freaky-looking hamster.

hammy 2Twitter

The household cat (who, as the rightful owner of the stolen food, is arguably the victim in all this) was looking on in puzzlement at the engorged hamster (apparently too amazed to bother hassling him) as if trying to work out whether he could eat all the food or not.

This is the state the poor little tyke was in when his owner found him:


The owner then appears to have employed some kind of massage technique to encourage the hamster to get rid of the excess food in his cheek pouches. We’re not totally sure this was a good idea (don’t squeeze your hamster too tight!), but it seems to have resulted in a happy hamster returned to his original form:

hammy cropTwitter

And if you want to see just how much slobbery cat food one industrious hamster can stuff into his face in a night’s work, check this next picture out!

▼ If you don’t want to see … well, sorry – made you look!


Sorry, that was kind of gross. Quick, let’s look at the hamster again!

▼ Phew. That’s better.

hammy 2

Source and images: Twitter via Hamster Sokuhou