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There’s a fundamental weakness to alarm clocks, and that’s how easy it is to shut them off or hit the snooze button. Especially if you’re the kind of person who keeps your smartphone within arm’s reach of the bed, odds are you can kill that sleep-impeding buzzer and be happily snoozing again within seconds, meaning you’ll get plenty of rest but probably never be on-time for work or school.

Expressed in its most basic form, the problem lies in being able to shut off the alarm in less time than it takes for your brain to fully wake up. Thanks to a useful smartphone app, though, one Japanese Twitter user says he’s completely solved his oversleeping problem, and if he doesn’t necessarily hop out of bed with a smile every morning, he does at least wake up screaming and ready to kick his mental facilities into high gear.

Twitter user Perokendo recently sent out a screen capture of his app of choice, accompanying it with a ringing endorsement that included his report that “Thanks to this alarm clock app, I’ve been spending every morning flying out of bed while screaming and reaching for a pencil.”

So just why does he need a pencil? Why, to do arithmetic, of course!

As you can see, Perokendo’s alarm app doesn’t just make noise, it also hits him with a math problem first thing in the morning. What’s more, it’s labeled as “Question one of five,” meaning that he’s got a whole quiz to finish before he can quiet his phone.

From the looks of his example, the problems are simple enough that an elementary school student could solve them, Still, while they may not be the most taxing questions, they require enough computations to get your mind running and help shake off the cobwebs, hopefully helping you drag your sleepy self to class where you’ll learn more challenging subject material.

Opinions online seem to be split between those who think the app would be great in helping them eliminate any excuse for sleeping in, and those who resent it for doing exactly that.

“I would so hate this.”
“What a clever idea.”
“I bet they’ll sell a ton.”
“Uwaaaaa! (Is what I’d yell while running for a pencil).”
“Before I solved the problems, I think either my phone’s battery would die or I’d chuck it against a wall.”
“This would totally annoy your neighbors if you live in an apartment with thin walls.”

Perokendo doesn’t mention the exact name of the app he’s using, but a similar (if not the exact same) app, called Alarm Clock Extreme,can be found here.

▼ Just remember, no using a calculator or asking your date who stayed over and is good with numbers to do your work for you.

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