It’s already Tuesday here in the Big J, but even though we’ve survived the day whose name shall not be spoken and which many of you are still enduring, the weekend still seems awfully far away. So for all you hardworking salarymen (and women!), here’s a super cute kitty cat to help you ease into the week. Watch him enjoy his prime heater-front real estate and dream of your own warm happy place.

This video comes from our favorite Kyushu cat blog, Kagoneko, famous for squinty-eyed balance master Shiro and pals.


Cutie Chatora is maxing out, relaxing, all cool on his leopard-print chair in front of the heater, and it’s hard to imagine a more satisfied-looking creature. Don’t let that calm fool you, though. With such a fab location, he’s always on the watch for interlopers.

So when the oppressive cubical walls and life-sucking florescents have got you down today, just remember: a few more days and you too can be blissed out in your favorite spot, Rocketeers. Ganbatte!

Photo & video: Kagoneko, h/t Laughing Squid