A thought-provoking post recently appeared on Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo purporting to sum up the national characteristic of Japan, China, Thailand and Korea in one simple phrase each. The post gained a huge amount of attention online for its controversial nature, with many people criticising the reducing of entire countries down to a single limiting phrase. Others, however, thought that the phrases chosen were pretty spot on

The poster, who has over a million followers on the site, posted their one-phrase summaries of the four different Asian countries with a disclaimer stating “This is my true opinion… there can be no denial.” While we’re not sure why exactly the four phrases chosen seem to focus on themes of beauty and self-image, here’s what they came up with…

China = SELFIE

Hmm, we’re not so sure about this one. In fact, “selfie” probably isn’t even on the top ten list of things that symbolise China for us. However, the poster explains that the Chinese are very good at making themselves look good through the use of clever angles and Photoshop. Hmm.

Flickr © Azchael

Japan = MAKEUP

Again, not the first thing we’d think of. But in terms of beauty tricks, we have to agree that Japan’s ladies have a pretty awesome arsenal of cosmetics designed to conceal every flaw and enhance every feature. It’s pretty amazing what they can do with some circle lenses and false eyelashes, after all.

Flickr © ict.wa4


No points for originality here. Still, whether you agree with the idea of going under the knife to fix your flaws or not, we have to admit some South Korean cosmetic surgery is genuinely  impressive. But what about K-pop, or delicious kimchi, or a million other awesome things Korea has that we could use to describe the country? We’re starting to think that the original poster is kinda shallow here!

Flickr © Aiena Zahira Daim

Thailand = SEX CHANGE

Really? How about beautiful beaches, delicious pad thai, or a bazillion other awesome things about Thailand we could mention? Nope, it’s ladyboys all the way here, and while we can’t deny that Thailand’s got some real stunners, we still think it’s a bit too limiting to state that the entirety of Thailand could be summarised by a single subset of its culture.

Flickr ©Adeel Anwer

What do you think of the Chinese netizen’s “concepts” of China, Japan, Korea and Thailand? Accurate? Lazy? What short phrase would you use to sum up your own country? Answers, as always, in the comments section below!

Source: NicoVideo
Main Image: Flickr © Jonathan Leung