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In the online game Kim Jong Golf, players must carefully line up a moving bar in order to pull off the perfect shot. Right on the money? Hole in one! Miss completely? Doesn’t matter. Hole in one! Hang on…

Whether on a snowy mountaintop or rolling fields, players hit every shot with superhuman accuracy and grace. Then again, such things are to be expected when your character is the Glorious Leader.

The tongue-in-cheek game, which puts players in control of North Korea’s current leader, Kim Jong-un, appears to poke fun at his father’s sporting legacy. If reports from state media are to be believed, Kim Jong-il was surely one of the greatest athletes of our age. Accomplishments include bowling a perfect 300 and shooting 38-under par 34, including five holes-in-one, at the 7,700-yard Pyongyang Golf Course–this on his first time playing golf.

The aftermath of Kim Jong Il’s death brought such Tweets as, “Look at it this way: with Kim Jong Il dying, everybody will be moving up one spot in the world golf rankings,” and, “With passing of Kim Jong Il, sports world may have lost greatest golfer of all time.”

▼ Darn, I missed the–HOLE IN ONE!

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It looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The game’s Kim Jong-un pulls off one stunning shot after another as rousing, patriotic music plays in the background. And so the family sporting legacy continues.

Try out the game here.

Source: [Yahoo! Japan News] via, The Washington Post 
Image: Kim Jong Golf