A rather risqué advertisement somewhere in Osaka has been drawing quite the attention from passersby. It exploded in popularity when one Japanese Twitter user uploaded a picture of the poster online for the world to see. But just what about it, besides some woman’s attractively long legs, makes it such a brilliant advertising scheme? Wait till you read what said Twitter user said he saw one person doing beneath the picture. 

The advertisement, with its combination of a 2-D image and three-dimensional fabric filling in for the skirt, has already proven to be an endless source of both amusement and bewilderment for the residents of Osaka. Overlaid with large text which reads “Shape up from the legs: body design fit,” the poster appears to be a very conspicuous marketing scheme for some kind of form-shaping tights. At least one thing’s for certain–it’s hard not to stare at it as you’re walking by…

In fact, the poster has such a visual impact that it even acts as a sort of booby trap for certain people who, shall we say, aren’t quite in their right state of minds. To illustrate its effect on certain people, one Japanese Twitter user described a very amusing sight that he witnessed while walking by:

▼”Whoever made this advertisement is a genius. I saw a drunk guy desperately trying to look up her skirt, jumping up and down while trying to flip the skirt. Way to go, Osaka.” 

Other net users agreed about the poster’s inspired design, and offered further suggestions of their own:

“The person who approved this design is amazing.”

“Maybe someone should cosplay as Mario and try jumping up and down!”

“Cool, combining a 2-D image with 3-D material!”

“I would jump even if I wasn’t drunk…”

“I think it’s genius, even though I’m a girl.”

“Osaka, banzai ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ”

It would be interesting to find out if this is a strictly Osaka phenomenon or not. I’m personally not sure if the late night swarms of drunk salarymen in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district would be able to handle it…though it would make for a hilarious montage of photos in some tourist’s photo album.

Source/Image: Twitter (@potagent)