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Aside from protagonist Goku’s voice actress Masako Nozawa, it’s pretty hard to find a performer who can claim to have made his or her presence felt in all of anime hit Dragon Ball’s over 290 TV episodes and dozen-plus movies. One man who can make that claim, though, is vocalist Hironobu Kageyama, who supplied the opening theme for each and every episode of Dragon Ball and its successor series Dragon Ball Z, plus 12 of its 13 movies to-date (and even the most recent film used a cover of his iconic hit “Cha-La Head-Cha-La”).

Now in his 50s, no one would blame Kageyama is he said he didn’t have the energy for live performances anymore, but the tireless singer isn’t ready to retire yet. Aside from being the front man for anime song supergroup JAM Project, next month Kageyama will be performing for TV program Anison CLUB!, and anime music Internet portal animeloLIVE! is giving away tickets to the event.

And don’t worry if Dragon Ball was before your time, because animeloLIVE! is also looking for fans to come out and support up-and-coming voice actress and idol Azusa Todokoro at yet another event to be held in March.

Aside from his extensive contributions to Dragon Ball, Kageyama’s voice can be heard in songs for such testosterone-fueled series as Saint Seiya, Yu-Gi-Oh!, MD Geist, Zenki, and Heat Guy J. Following up on his performance with JAM Project earlier this month in Las Vegas as part of the Anisong World Tour Lantis Festival, Kageyama is scheduled to appear at Tokyo’s Roppongi Nicofarre on March 7 for the recording of Anison CLUB!-R vol. 4.

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Doors to the venue open at 7:45 p.m., with the combination interview/musical performance event starting at 8:15. MC-ing the event will be musicians motsu and ZAQ, plus choreographer Nana Kageyama and voice actress Risa Kayama. The presence of Kageyama and Kayama should be a special treat for fans since, despite the different last Kayama works under, the two are actually Hironobu Kageyama’s daughters.

The following week, on March 13, Azusa Todokoro will be at the Nico Nico headquarters for her taping of Anison CLUB!-i vol. 04. In contrast to Kageyama, Todokoro’s career is just getting started. The 21-year-old won talent agency Horipro’s voice actress audition competition in 2011, and made her CD debut last year with the release of her first album Beyond Myself. Among other projects, she’s lent her voice to idol-centric anime Aikatsu! and The Idolmaaster Million Live!

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Todokoro’s talk/music event will be hosted by voice actresses Emi Nitta and fellow Aikatsu! alum Ayaka Ohashi. The doors open at 7:30 p.m., with the event proper set to get rolling at 8 o’clock.

Fans who want to see and hear Kageyama and Todokoro have three options, two of which involve the animeloLIVE! website. In addition to access to a large variety of anime songs and music video streaming, animeloLIVE! offers members a chance at advance or exclusive tickets to anime events. Members who sign up for animeloLIVE!, which charges a fee of 1,100 yen (US $9.30) a month, can apply for tickets to the event between now and 11:59 p.m., March 5. Winners will be randomly selected and receive their tickets free of charge.

Even if you’re not lucky enough to get your hands on a ticket, though, animeloLIVE! members will be able to watch the events via their live streams on Nico Nico Douga (Kameyama’s event here, Todokoro’s here).

Of course, there’s always the third option, which is to wait patiently until their respective episodes of Anison CLUB! air on TV. But if the chance at live anime rock or idol pop sounds too good to pass up, you can sign up for animeloLIVE! on its website right here.

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