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Like us, you’ve probably wondered from time to time what life as a badass anime illustrator might be like.

If a life of awesomely detailed backgrounds, fluidly animated characters, chain smoking, and endless cups of instant noodles is something you long for, Japanese anime tutorial YouTube channel, Palmie, is just for you.

Of course, regardless of how much tutelage we receive – be it via YouTube, in person or otherwise – we’ll never live up to our animation dreams as illustrated (heh heh) by the flipbook we made of a stick figure pooping that took us seven weeks to complete and still looks like, uh… crap. But we’re confident that the average RocketNews24 reader is intelligent and innately talented enough to learn a few things from this channel.

The channel goes into some pretty specific detail, with lessons available that cover such bizarrely specific topics as “coloring sci-fi machinery:”

Contrapposto for moe anime girls:

Choosing the best background for anime characters:

How to draw an anime sky:

And so much more. For hopeless fools like us, this web series provides nothing more than a few pretty pictures to look at, but for those artistically inclined, by all means, swing by Palmie.

Source: CGtracking
Feature image: YouTube