Say you’re a giant company that makes video games, like Sony, and you have a new game you want to promote–how would you do it? Sure, you could go shoving pre-rendered cut scenes in everyone’s faces until they puke Mountain Dew, or you could get creative and smash some stuff.

While most companies probably would not go the smashing stuff route, with the possible exception of Stark Industries, it seems that someone at Sony thought that was the best idea since giving Kratos two blades. It turns out they were right–and we were there to see it happen!


By “we,” of course, we’re talking about our trusty Japanese writers–they get to do all the fun stuff! We’re not jealous. Nope, not one bit. (Okay, maybe a lot of bits jealous.)

The filming of this, dare we say, historic commercial actually took place in a pit in Ibaraki Prefecture which has apparently also been used to film war scenes involving explosions in the past. Basically, the perfect place to smash a Punch Mania II machine.

▼With this.


In addition to our intrepid writer, roughly some 50 people had gathered for the event–along with two cranes and the five-ton wrecking ball pictured above. Both cranes were necessary to hoist the ball up eight meters (about 26 feet) into the air to take a single “punch” at the game.

Leading the proceedings was none other than Hideo Yoshida, executive director of Tomiwa Chuzo Co., Ltd., a Saitama Prefecture-based company that specializes in casting. Yoshida and Tomiwa Chuzo were also responsible for producing the wrecking ball–in fact, he was also involved with a Japanese TV show that involved smashing things with wrecking balls. We’re not going to say that Yoshida likes to smash stuff…but we would say that you probably wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

▼He even has a green…hat? Eh, close enough.


Our Japanese writer even overheard Yoshida saying, “If you just raised the wrecking ball and then dropped it on the machine, it’d be over like that,” at one point. But that wouldn’t be in the spirit of Punch Mania II, would it?

▼Such a punchable face, too.


By now, you’re probably wondering just what the point of smashing this game machine is, so allow us to explain. You see, everyone is gathered in Ibaraki to find out just how powerful of a punch a wrecking ball could deliver to the arcade machine. If each kilogram of force counts as one point, the total “damage” delivered would be about 6,260,000 kilograms (13,800,937.6 pounds), when swung from a height of eight meters. But why do we care about doing so much damage?

Because this actually a commercial for Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance!

In the new Disgaea game, which is to be released in Japan next month and this fall in the West, it will apparently be possible to deal absurd amounts of damage–like 100,000,000 points. The aim of this little wrecking ball experiment is to see if it would be possible to get that kind of damage in real-life. While the answer is obviously “no”, as you’d need to swing the wrecking ball from 2,000 meters (about 6,561.6 feet), apparently, you can still do a whole boat load of damage.

Don’t believe us? Just watch the video to see for yourself!

Now, for some behind the scenes action, here are some photos our Japanese writers too.

They set everything up with a dummy first. Probably not a bad idea in case anything goes wrong…though it’s not like they weren’t trying to destroy the game machine…



▼Smashing stuff is dirty work…


▼There’s only one five- ton wrecking ball here, so they had to wash it off between takes.


▼Getting ready for the main event…


And here’s everyone waiting with bated breath. A group of adults as giddy as elementary school kids with firecrackers!


▼Physics nerds, get excite! OMG! Much potential energy! So gravity! Wow!


▼”Come on!”


▼”Come–oh, crap.”


▼What flashes through a game machine’s mind before utter destruction?


▼A wrecking ball!


▼At least we won’t have to wash the wrecking ball.


▼Good job, Yoshida and everyone else!


Now, we can’t help wondering: How will they advertise the next God of War game to top this?!

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