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It’s sort of disheartening to think that you can spend countless hours and huge sums of cash working on your cosplay creation, getting the outfit looking just like it does in the original work, yet still end up looking nothing like the character you’re trying to emulate. That’s because many iconic anime and video game figures have iconic figures themselves, with physiques that often range from difficult to impossible to replicate in real life.

Leading anime ladies, for example, tend to be rather buxom. But if your DNA didn’t deem D-cup would be your natural bust size, one designer has come up with a silicone-free solution: a literal breastplate.

Twitter user Namechiru is the mammary-minded cosplayer behind this unusual item. At first glance, you might be tempted to pass it (them?) off as being strictly for lonely male otaku, while internally debating whether it’s more or less creepy than a naked anime girl huggy pillow

▼ On the one hand, there’s no schoolgirl with a worried expression. On the other, there’s no head, either.

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Namechiru, though, is earnestly presenting the strap-on breasts as a legitimate piece of cosplay paraphernalia for women, with the following description of its benefits.

“You don’t have to mash your breasts together, or even show much of your own actual cleavage. It’s a comfortable cosplay item that helps you change you into the character you want to be.”

The designer sort of has a point about the fake breasts being a more modest alternative than getting half-naked. For example, here’s Kill la Kill’s Ryuko, one of the more popular cosplay choices these days, being portrayed using Namechiru’s breastplate (until the designer gives us a better term, that’s what we’re calling it).

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Ordinarily, that cosplayer would have to be on guard against the dual concerns of catching a cold or slipping a nipple, but Namechiru’s creation keeps the anime fan covered up and warm.

Made of cloth and with straps that loop behind the neck and around the trunk of the body, the item is essentially a bikini top or sports bra with built-in breasts. Namechiru estimates the approximate cup size to be an E or G, far above the national average in Japan.

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Originally, Namechiru offered four sets on a first-come-first-served basis for a price of 12,000 yen (US $102) each. That batch was gone in a flash, and while Namechiru is mulling over whether or not to make another, there is still a way to get your hands on these fake breasts.

▼ And no, we’re not suggesting you ask if you can cop a feel.

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Namechiru will randomly select one Twitter follower or user who retweets about the breastplate to receive one free of charge. Although it’s not required, Namechiru has also requested the recipient try the item on and share a photo of the occasion, plus offer some feedback on its design.

If this looks like something you’d like to add to your wardrobe, the tweet in question is directly below.

Strap it on at your next anime convention, and you’re sure to hear at least one person exclaim, “Great Caesar’s breasts!”

▼ Especially if you’re wearing the costume on the left

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Source: Kai-You
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