A little while back, we introduced you to a novel promotional concept backed by major candy manufacturer Lotte featuring cool guys based around different flavours of gum. The animated hotties appeared in a short “visual-novel” style animated commercial where they romanced the main character (a tooth) with their minty fresh appeal. Well, we’re happy to report that, post-Valentine’s-Day-chocolate-binge, they’re back with a new animated feature, but all is not right in gum land – too much chocolate seems to have made the guys go a little funny in the head!

In the new short, the main character, Tooth-chan, explains how she recently spent Valentine’s Day giving out home-made chocolates to all the gum hotties in her class that she has a crush on. Something’s a little strange, though… Valentine’s Day is over, but the boys are nowhere to be seen! Luckily, a new character in the form of slightly unhinged teacher “Free Zone” is here to explain why!

Free Zone Sensei explains that the boys have all disappeared as a result of eating too much Valentine’s Day chocolate – apparently gum and chocolate just don’t mix. (Incidentally, Free Zone Sensei is a personification of Lotte’s “Free Zone” gum, and like the other boys, he also has a famous voice actor!)

▼ “It’s taboo to give chocolate to gum boys!”

Tooth-chan is convinced there’s something a little odd about that reasoning, but Free Zone Sensei is quick to shut her down – “You’re a tooth! Don’t try thinking about anything too complex!” he barks. (Hey, that’s toothist!)

Not to worry, the boys soon resurface – but what’s this? They’re at least 70% less cool than they used to be! We’re not sure if it’s the dorky clothes, the nervous, twitchy demeanours, or the self-deprecating one-liners, but there’s not much that’s dreamy about these boys at all!

What’s worse is that none of them seem to have any memory of Tooth-chan at all!

 ▼ “Who the hell are ya? Whaddya want with me? And why are ya so shiny?!”

According to Free Zone Sensei, they’ve all been changed somehow by the effects of the chocolate, losing their personalities and memories in the process!

It turns out that in order to get her gummy guys back the way they were, Tooth-chan is going to have to come up with some way to jump-start their memories of her! It looks like we’ll have to wait for the next video to be released to see what happens next, but this has certainly proved a salient reminder of the dangers of eating too much chocolate!

Here’s the video!

Be sure to check out the crazygumtv YouTube channel if you’d like to stay up to date with all the gummy gossip on the guys and Tooth-chan!

Source: animeanime.jp
Images: Screenshots via YouTube