With the first season of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal well underway, not only is a new generation of wannabe Sailor Scouts emerging, but thousands of fangirls of the original 1990s series are rekindling their love for Usagi-chan and her evil-fighting besties.

Marketers timed the release of this new anime series well, as the original fans are now young adults who have money to spend on Sailor Moon goods, like aprons, lingerie, and even feminine pads, which allow them to bask in nostalgia, but still pass as adults (more or less).

Some veteran Sailor Scouts are choosing to show their support in a different age-appropriate way, by transforming their nails. Sailor Moon themed nail art has become a fashion craze and is blowing up in nail salons all over Japan. 

▼ True Sailor Scouts will recognize the designs on these nails.

▼Sailor Cosmos and Usagi-chan… these are incredible.

▼ Not sure what they mean by “Rism,” but these Sailor nails are really creative and awesome!

▼Bright and sparkly? Sounds like Sailor Moon!

▼ These nails are cute and “were dirt cheap.”

▼ So many different options, how to choose?!

▼ You can even get Sailor Uranus nails.

▼This girl now has the nails to match her Prism Heart Compact.


Twipple (@sulley_14)

▼Toes and fingers!? Queen Beryl better watch out!

▼ She can call herself a “Soldier of Love and Justice” with those nails.

▼ These will surely get the attention of Tuxedo Mask.

▼ As Beryl would say: “That’s so sweet, I’m getting cavities.”

▼ That’s a really big bow. Could it contain the Moon Crystal?

▼ Ten scouts, ten fingers. Perfect!

▼ Sailor Mercury theme. I wonder if these would help you ace that test.

▼ Sailor Moon nails (plus one Harry Potter nail?)

▼ Because every vacation should be centered around Sailor Scout nails.

▼ Mash-up! Sailor Moon’s Chibi-Usagi x Puella Magi Madoka Magica’s Momoe Nagisa.

▼ Uranus and Neptune version.

▼ Moon Prism (Nail) Power!

▼ These DIY nails didn’t turn out quite as Sailor Moon-y as she’d hoped, but they’re still cute.

▼ Don’t you want these on your fingers?

▼ Chibiusa (Rina) and Luna! How cute!

▼ Just the uniforms, very nice!

▼Finally! A Tuxedo Mask nail!

These girls have transformed their nails, just like their heroes do during costume changes. However, there is one curious thing about the Scouts’ long and extravagant transformations; although their nails are magically painted to match their respective scout colors, their hands are later covered up with elbow-length gloves. While we may never know the reason behind their painted nails, we can say with some certainty that the Sailor Fans above will not be covering up their works of (nail) art with gloves anytime soon.

▼ Watch for the nail painting!

Sources: Twitter via Naver Matome
Feature Image: Twitter: 1, 2 Top Image: Sailor Moon News