Anyone who has ever put out garbage in Japan has no doubt encountered the country’s monster crows, which put the little black birds the rest of the world knows to shame. They can grow up to 23 inches (58.5 centimeters) in lengh, and they will rip apart any garbage you put out if you don’t take all the proper precautions in sealing and covering it.

But since it’s Japan, even the giant crows and their fellow rat pests aren’t safe from being transformed into cute little gachapon capsule toys. They’re a huge hit online, apparently for people who love reenacting the times when their trash was torn to shreds.

The gachapon toys are produced by the company Epoch, and the first set they put on sale was so wildly successful that they had to bring out another just to satisfy the demand.

▼ The first set, appropriately titled “Karasu,” or “Crows.” Collect them all before they collect you!

crows first setToy Paradise

▼ The second set: “Crows and Rats.” I have no idea what the “secret” figure in the bottom right could possibly be.

crows second setToy Paradise

Despite how silly the product seems, the attention to detail in what are 200 yen (US$1.68) capsule toys is pretty amazing. Here are a few examples from some satisfied customers in Japan. Many of them got quite creative with their purchases:

▼ A close-up of the rat and his garbage can. The attention to detail on the fish bones and fruit is so incredible I can almost smell the putrid odor myself.


Spoiler alert! Here’s the “secret” figure up close: a mama crow and her baby. D’aww!

▼ Some fans really got into it, pairing them with other figures like this rat who made a new friend/partner in crime.

▼ Or this crow who found a different kind of cat.

▼ This is why you never leave your door open at night in Japan.

Some people ignored the crows/rats altogether and only used the trash.

▼ I hope she’s putting out those gasoline containers for pickup and not planning on lighting any garbage-bonfires.

▼ If you forget to put out your trash on garbage day because you were up all night drinking, you turn into a gorilla. I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is.


▼ “We’ve spotted a Titan-crow! Prepare to attack!”


▼ “I’ve got you now, you giant-“


▼ “Gah! The Colossal Titan was nothing compared to this!”


If you can’t wait to create your own garbage-filled adventures with some of your own crow figures, then unfortunately I have some bad news. They’re pretty much sold out on Amazon and other websites, so you’ll just have to try your luck at the crank machines. If you do, feel free to link to any pictures of scenes you create in the comments, no matter how trashy they are.

Source: Naver Matome
Images: Twitter