Fans of Hayao Miyazaki‘s movies each have their own favorite film for different reasons, but undoubtedly one of the most influential and well-recognized has to be the family classic My Neighbor Totoro. Totoro is the logo for Studio Ghibli, after all!

Now, fans of the film and Studio Ghibli alike can rejoice with squeals of delight, and reach deep into their wallets for these new, adorable Totoro goods out on the market. No wallet to reach into? Then it’s time to get one, and this Totoro wallet is better than any other wallet you would find elsewhere!

This new Totoro wallet is made by the company Bunkoya Oozeki, which has been in business for 80 years. They specialize in goods made from bunkogawa, a type of pure white leather produced in the Himeji area of Japan. Designs are pressed onto the leather, then all the details are painted and varnished by hand, a method which has remained unchanged for generations.



My Neighbor Totoro may be a children’s film, but it is still enjoyed by people of all ages, and the more sophisticated look of this wallet makes it perfect for the older generation of fans. The pattern features traditional Japanese designs, adorned with adorable little Totoro characters throughout.

The length of the wallet allows you to keep bills stored flat, and with a zippered pouch for coins, individual pockets for cards, and all the divides allow you to keep everything well-organized. There’s even a little Totoro hiding inside!

▼Squeezing in every ounce of cute possible


To go with the wallet is a matching pass card holder, perfect not only for holding your train or bus pass, but for business cards or any other cards you need to carry around. Its slim size makes it easy to fit into your pocket.



Since these are each made by hand, there is only a limited number for sale, and as is to be expected of high-quality handmade goods, the price is quite a bit more than what you would expect to pay for some mass factory-produced product, with the wallet selling for 27,000 yen (about US$227) and the pass card holder for 9,180 yen (about $77). If you’re a Totoro fan, though, it might be worth it to treat yourself, because it’s pretty stinkin’ cute!

Bunkoya Oozeki Official Site (Japanese only, sorry)
Movic shopping site: Wallet, Pass card holder (also Japanese only)

Source: Japaaan Magazine
Images: Movic (1, 2)