On Valentine’s Day in Japan, it’s customary for women to confess their feelings to their crush by giving them chocolate. But over the past few years it has become a trend for women to give “giri choco”, chocolate given as a courtesy rather than out of genuine affection to those they frequently spend time with, such as co-workers and classmates, male and female alike.

Going along with this, a promotional video for the Scorn snack series, called Do Hamari Scorn Rich Chicken Namba Flavor, was made to parody this Valentine “courtesy” culture. Apparently, the way to tell whether a girl really likes you or is just giving you giri choco (or chips!) is in their finger lick…


Scorn is a crunchy snack with a lot of flavor, particularly popular among the younger generation in Japan. But since there’s so much flavor powder used in it, it’s impossible to not to get it all over your fingers while eating. We can’t say how many people would do it in front of others, but we bet that almost 100% of people eating it alone definitely lick their fingers while eating Scorn, it’s just that good!


This cheeky video puts a romantic tilt on this munching of corn snacks by telling us that “how much a girl likes you depends on how she licks her fingers.” Depending on how these girls lick their fingers while eating Scorn in front of a guy, the video jokes, you can clearly tell whether or not she’s into you.

The first part of the video shows how girls lick their fingers when they don’t like you, and the second part how they lick their fingers when they do. Let’s check it out!

Here’s the snack maker’s spoof “serious” analysis of the video from their official website:

“We believe all women can relate to the girl’s ‘courtesy lick’ scene 34 seconds in. It’s a realistic courtesy lick scene where the girl is trying to conceal her annoyance at having to do a courtesy lick in front a guy she’s totally not into. We would like not only ladies to watch the real lick scenes from 1 minute 24 seconds in, but guys as well. We don’t think any men will be able to think straight after seeing the cute way these girls lick their fingers.




But surely ladies also want to see how guys lick their fingers when eating Scorn, right? We really hope they’ll make a guy finger licking version of this video soon!

Source: Koikeya Scorn

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