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At first glance, they seem like Transformers, or perhaps unusually flashy Gundam. Then you notice the color scheme, followed by a number of cylindrical trimmings and its unusual shape. “I feel like I’ve seen that somewhere before…” you wonder to yourself. Then it clicks. “Oh.”

While Tenga toys may not be the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks “Valentine’s Day,” some highly imaginative artists capitalized on the romantic holiday to recast the popular adult products as robots. Don’t think of them as mere joke drawings, however; these creations are the real deal. We take a look at some of the spectacular art below.

The sudden explosion of Tenga-robot art seems to have originated with illustrator Kyoryu Kuramo, who gifted the world with this Tweet on Valentine’s Day.

▼ “It’s Valentine’s, so I thought I’d try a Tenga-turned-robot. Because it’s Valentine’s.”

From there, things quickly escalated into all-out mecha free-for-all, complete with Tenga weaponry and appendages.

▼ “Hard type.”

▼ “I have no idea how you use these things, but Kyoryu Kuramo invited me to do something with the Tenga theme, so I gave it a try.”

▼ Some of these look quite sinister.

▼ This one fires little pleasure missiles.

▼ Deep-sea diver Tenga robot?

▼ “Taking part in Kyoryu Kuramo’s idea. I enjoyed thinking up the various details.”

As for Tenga itself, the love-aid company appeared slightly bemused by the sudden trend.

▼ “Wh-what’s with the hash tag?! We’re going to have to take our time looking through these. If anyone’s offended by the images, let us change your mind with one of our products!”

Then again, we can’t help but think that the flurry of art is doing wonders as free publicity for the company, which celebrates 10 years of assisted self-romance this year. Stay tuned for more art to come; Kyoryu Kuramo already sent out the call for next month’s White Day.

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