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In the sequel-driven world of video games, it’s important to have a phrase or two that serves as your franchise’s guiding light. You could apply the term “playful challenge” to any of Nintendo’s Mario games, with their mix of depth and accessibility. “Constant tension” is an apt description of playing Dark Souls or its spiritual predecessor Demon’s Souls, and “wide-open amoral freedom” has seen Grand Theft Auto through its most successful installments.

So what’s the theme for Koei Tecmo’s fighting series Dead or Alive? That’s easy: sex and violence.

Those aren’t my words, either. That’s exactly how creator Tomonobu Itagaki defined the Dead or Alive series back when it was getting its very first sequel. And while Itagaki may no longer be involved with the franchise he lovingly refers to as his “daughter,” the current caretakers of Dead or Alive are keeping its bouncy spirit alive, as shown in this comparison video of the PlayStation 3 and 4 versions of its newest chapter, which shows how much more breast detail the more powerful console gets.

That’s not to say Dead or Alive only delivers on the suggestive side of its promise to players. Since its arcade debut in 1996, the series has offered an entertaining fighting engine punctuated by reversal throws and power strikes displayed with an almost unparalleled sense of concussive impact.

Still, there’s no denying that the series is bursting with bosoms, both in terms of quantity and volume. Like those of its predecessors, the character roster of Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, the newest version of the game, is positively stacked with stacked female fighters. And even though the game is likely to play just as well on the last-gen PlayStation3 and Xbox 360, Koei Tecmo would no doubt prefer gamers shell out the extra 1,000 yen (US $8.50) for the 6,800-yen souped-up PlayStation4 and Xbox One editions.

After all, check out how much nicer the boobs look on PS4!

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In this side-by-side-by-side-by-side comparison video from the PlayStation Japan YouTube channel, the developers show off the new Yawaraka Engine graphical upgrade. While it’s been publicized in English as the Soft Engine, the Japanese version uses the more visceral adjective yawaraka instead of the standard yawarakai for “soft,” which means something closer to the Oh So Soft Engine would have been closer in tone to the original meaning.

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It’s not just the improved breast rendering and swaying capabilities that Koei Tecmo has been touting, though. The Yawaraka Engine’s name is partially derived from its ability to produce softer, more supple-looking skin textures. The video also shows off the more dynamic colors and better defined shadows of the upgraded version.

▼ Of course, the optimal canvas for exhibiting the shadowing effects was determined to be, once again, the breasts.

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We’re not sure anyone would, or could, challenge the accusation that Koei Tecmo is pandering to the base urges of the Dead or Alive fanbase. Then again, that fanbase has grown large enough to warrant over a dozen sequels, upgrades, and spinoffs, so it’s not surprising that the company is happy to provide two more oversized scoops of what got the franchise this far in the first place.

After all, it’s just keeping Itagaki’s promise for him.

Source: Game Spark
Images: YouTube