There’s this urban legend about pictures of cute girls online which claims that “if she’s too cute, she must be a guy”. Well, after seeing so many mesmerizing cross-dressers, we can’t help but feel the same way at times. If that’s the case, then, it should be only fair to say that “if he’s too suave, he must be a girl”. Because, you know, all that stuff about equality… but mostly, these Chinese and Korean girls who look stunning dressed as guys.

Joining the list is Japanese Twitter user, RiM, who looks idol-material both as a guy or as a girl!

▼ Left or right, which is the “real” RiM?

If you guessed that RiM (@rimmr_) is a guy who cross-dresses as a girl… hard luck, no cookies for you this time. But don’t worry, you are definitely not alone, because we too, thought that RiM was a (very) pretty boy (just for a fleeting moment, really) when we first saw her pictures. Just look at her suave cross-dressing shots!

We can hear some fangirls squealing now. Here’s the icing on the cake: RiM, who is currently a high school student, looks just as cute if not cuter, as her feminine self!

We’re guessing that the majority of RiM’s 14,800 followers on Twitter are girls who were attracted by her handsome cross-dressing photos, but she does post non-cross-dressing photos of herself as well, so we wouldn’t be surprised if she has quite the number of fanboys too. Follow RiM on Twitter to see more of her ever-changing looks!

Source/Images: RiM (@rimmr) on Twitter via Zhaizhai News