Losing loved ones is never easy, but a lot of people are able to find solace in the good memories and possessions left behind by the departed. After her father-in-law’s death, Twitter-user Aikawa Jun (@hakiinu) found some priceless treasures the man had kept hidden away in the form of his works of art… which, for some reason, all paid special attention to butts!

Aikawa writes “Found a lot of drawings in my deceased father-in-law’s secret room. This one is titled ‘Playing tennis in a thong’. So cool.”

Don’t you just love the additional butt cut-outs stuck on there? It adds a wonderful touch.

The Twitter user’s followers were just as impressed about the discovery as she, and asked to see more, to which she willingly obliged.

▼”These are the only two I have on hand now. I like this one too.”

At first glance they look rather like canvas paintings, but as it turns out they’re drawn on the back of paper fliers (medium unknown, but looks like it could be pastel), and are a lot smaller than they seem, as you can somewhat tell from the hand in the picture above.

It’s not known whether Aikawa’s father-in-law kept his artistic talent completely hidden from the family, or just his hiney-obsession, but Aikawa’s Twitter followers have a few suggestions for these newly-recovered works of art:

“You should get these drawings out there. If not in a book, then as trading cards! I’ll buy them!”

“I want to put these in an exhibition.”

“I want to make a T-shirt or something with these!”

So is this the birth of the next Van Gogh? Thiessen’s law of art states, after all, that “the overwhelming prerequisite for the greatness of an artist is that artist’s death.” Only time will tell, but for now we’ll just have to wait around for one of those T-shirts!

Source: Twitter via Togech
Images: Twitter @hakiinu