Yet another feline made rounds on Japanese internet when his owner uploaded a picture of him behaving like a worn-out middle-aged man at home, comfortably lazing on the sofa while watching the TV. He sure resembles the stereotypical image we have of exhausted oji-san (middle aged man) office workers who come home from work and end up on the couch in a slump!

Twitter user kyon_basssniper got unexpectedly popular when he shared these pictures of his pet/father on the sofa with one hand on the remote control and a can of beer next to it. The cat reeked so much of ojisan-ness that netizens couldn’t help but retweet the pictures.

Some have even commented that while not all fat cats are cute, this sure is one adorable chubby kitty.

As a bonus for all the retweets he’s gotten, another picture of the cute kitty was uploaded showing him in his regular, non-ojisan state.

Looks like someone’s had too much beer!

Source/Image: Twitter