Idol and boy band merchandise comes in many forms, and some if it is downright weird. Take, for example, this official ice cube tray set shaped like the schnozz and kisser of K-pop vocalist and BIGBANG member Daesung, aka D-LITE in Japan. No, we’re not making this up! In fact, this particular piece of plastic pop memorabilia has really got netizens excited, with many taking to Twitter to showcase the “creations” they have made through the use of certain materials in tandem with the ice cube tray. Join us for a variety of disturbing flared nostrils and pouty lips after the jump!

The ice cube tray, officially dubbed “Ice! Nose, Lips” (a pun on the song title “Eyes, Nose, Lips”) was created from a cast of Daesung’s face. Apparently, he had to spend 15 minutes with his face encased in silicone, and if you don’t believe us, here’s the proof below!

The eventual result was a bright yellow mould that’s ostensibly meant to be used to create ice cubes in the singer’s pretty image, but actually can be used with a variety of materials for different effects.

Here’s the tray being used for its proper purpose: ice-shaping.

And here’s where things begin to get weird…the tray can be used with a variety of other materials, including:

Fried chicken


Mitarashi dango


Cookie dough

Bavarian Cream




Hmm, we wonder what D-LITE himself thinks about all the creepy replicas of his facial features that are now floating around out there?

Source: Naver Matome
Top image: Twitter @xxxbb_mk13