audrey fi

Oftentimes, foreign celebrities visiting Japan will don a kimono or hakama to take commemorative photos of their trip. While they can sometimes appear incredibly awkward or constricted while dressed in the traditional clothing, a photo of silver screen darling Audrey Hepburn reveals that she looks right at home in the beautiful garb. Furthermore, the picture wasn’t even taken in Japan!

After doing a little investigative digging, the Japanese uploader of this picture writes that the photo was probably taken in the early 1950s, perhaps 1952, when Hepburn was around 23 years old. The first time Hepburn reportedly visited Japan was in March of 1983 (when she was 53 years old), and she certainly appears too youthful in this picture for it to have been taken in Japan. The writer goes on to add that Hepburn visited Japan an additional two more times, in 1987 and 1990 (just three years prior to her death), bringing her total number of visits to Nippon to three.

Whatever the circumstances behind the photo (Was it modeling? Or just some dress-up fun?), Hepburn appears very natural and relaxed while posing in the traditional Japanese garment. Perhaps it’s her petite frame, delicate features, or demure expression; regardless, she doesn’t look like she would be out of place at all if she were to stroll through the streets of Kyoto:


This guy who’s wearing an elaborate hakama, on the other hand, just screams ferocity:

▼ If a gaze could kill, we’d all be unconscious right now.


Isn’t that enough to positively “thrill” you?

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