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If you’re a fan of hamsters or just cuteness in general, you might remember a few months ago when talked about Ginji, the adorable little hamster with an adorable little izakaya (Japanese-style pub). But while we all took a moment (or much longer, if we’re being honest) to ooh and awe over Ginji, today we’re instead having a moment of silence, as the heartwarming hamster has passed away.

Breaking the news to Ginji’s fans was Twitter user Kawanabe Sato, Ginji’s owner/underling, according to statements attributed to the late hamster.

“This morning, looking like he was sleeping, Ginji took his last breath,” Sato
said, while thanking all those who had supported and thought kindly of Ginji during his life. The animal’s death no doubt came as a shock to many, seeing as how less than 24 hours earlier Sato had been tweeting photos of Ginji spewing his usual tough-love brand of wisdom.

▼ “It doesn’t matter what people say about you behind your back, because you know something? If you believe in yourself and keep studying or working hard, that’ll shut them up real nice.”

He was also feeling energetic enough to be using what looks like the world’s smallest laptop the day before.

This doesn’t look like it’ll be the end of the hamster’s miniature watering hole, though. Ginji’s apprentice Bunta seems like a worthy successor who’s mastered the art of slicing fruit.

▼ And also the art of looking cute

Sato also occasionally shares photos of the more modern and trendy bar run by Kinzo, seen here.

As a tombstone salesman by trade, Sato no doubt realized that someday he and Ginji would have to say goodbye. For his part, the silver-furred hamster seems to have taken the whole thing in stride as part of the natural course of the circle of life, with Sato reporting Ginji’s last words to be:

“Hey now, I’m just takin’ a break. I’ll be opening a new joint in heaven, and we’ll never be closed!! Stop on by!”

Good luck with the new digs, Ginji. Keep some Ebisu Beer on tap for us, and while we’re not sure if you’ve finalized your menu yet, but since you’re setting up shop in the great beyond, you might want to serve some of those yakitori chicken skewers that Hachiko is said to have been so fond of.

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Source: Hachima Kiko
Top image: Twitter