Well ok, maybe a little bit faked.

Here at RocketNews24, there’s only one thing we like better than badly photoshopped pictures, and that’s brilliantly edited photos that make the President of the United States look like a massive otaku.

The Photoshopping really kicked off, according to Kotaku, with Twitter user @neontaster and this stunning Madoka Magica photo:


Next up, noted anime historian and commentator Mike Toole jumped in with this stellar offering:

And the floodgates were open. Let the photoshopping begin!

▼ This Death Note ‘shop has been around even longer.

https://twitter.com/indriani_ks/status/312138483433107456 https://twitter.com/MaatMHI/status/449573409077592065 https://twitter.com/TobyToffy/status/566293006979190784

Yep. This is one meme that we hope never gets old.

Source: Kotaku