Have you heard of the “moron in a hurry test“? It’s a legal test for trademark infringement. Basically, if you can successfully argue that “only a moron in a hurry” could confuse your product with another, you can get away with slightly ripping off somebody else’s design. But you’d have to be a real dingbat to confuse this gallery of 30 knockoff toys for the real things!

This collection of bizarre, slightly disconcerting and downright blatant rip-offs comes courtesy of the knockoffbootlegs Tumblr, a veritable treasure trove of copyright infringements from South America and China (mostly). Let’s see what horrors are lurking on toy store shelves, waiting to trap confused parents who don’t know their Furbys from their Phoebes!

▼ This creepy cowboy from something called “Space Boys 3” appears to have some strange form of gigantism affecting only his lower limbs.

▼ These turtles sure don’t look that amicable to us!

▼ It’s Jamaican Pokyman!

▼ Power Man? Looks more like Scorpion Man… or Pineapple Man

▼ Speaking of pineapples… Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Poping-Spongy CANDY!

▼ Who also goes by his other name, “Tooly I am King!”

▼ Remember back when everyone wanted a PikaBoy 2? Good times.

▼ Hey, two franchises in one! Now that’s cost-effective!

▼ Toy Special 3’s Dud Lightbeer can see into your soul…


▼ Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a squat plastic ripoff with a dodgy cape.

▼ If you’re going to rip off Street Fighter II, at least do a better job of it!

▼ Well, they’re both yellow.

▼ So much weirdness going on with this backpack.

▼ Mickey and Minnie are going down to South Park. Gonna have themselves a time.

 ▼ How to ruin a Brony’s day; give him a Demon Donkey for his birthday!

▼ The Avengers, featuring Batman, featuring Spiderman, featuring Avatar! It’s a four-in-one t-shirt deal to cover all your fanbases!

▼ Woah there, Big Fella!

▼ Snow White and whatever the hell is going on here.

▼ It kinda looks like Luigi had a shave and stole his bro’s outfit. But what for, Luigi? WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING?

▼ This looks like an odd combination.

▼ Robert Cop 2. Part Man. Part Machine. All Robert. “I’LL BE BACK”. The furniture (sic) of law enforcement.

▼ “Who your Phoebe becomes might surprise you”.

▼ What was wrong with the old turtles, though?

▼ Sense of Right Alliance! Featuring Shrek.

▼ Spaderman! Spade not included.

▼ Astro Simpson. This one’s actually kind of cute!

So much wonderful plastic plagiarism. Won’t somebody think of the children?

Source: knockoffbootlegs via Viralnova
Images: knockoffbootlegs via Viralnova