By now it’s no secret that we are vulnerable to cute attacks from cosplaying pets. If you have the same weakness for costume-donning fuzzy pals, you might have previously seen these cosplaying cats, dogs and hamsters, and silently thought, “Come on RocketNews24, there have got to be some cosplaying guinea pigs out there, find them!”

Well, ladies and gentlemen, here they are! More photos of some amazingly photogenic cosplaying guinea pigs after the jump!

Japanese Twitter user Ayu (@chikuwa_kintoki) is the proud owner of multiple adorable guinea pigs, and she does a really fine job at maximizing the cute potential of her little furkids with handmade mini costumes, matching backdrops and props in these great shots!

Presenting Kintoki (male) and his mate Chikuwa (female), and their lovely daughter Menma!

▼ Meet the girls!
Chikuwa the long-haired beauty and Menma the short-haired cutie as Chun Li.

▼ Kintoki stars as Luffy from One Piece.

▼ Mario!

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

▼ Killer guinea pig on the loose! Call the police!

▼ Chikuwa cosplaying as various characters.

▼ Everybody loves Mister Donut’s mascot, Pon de Lion! Or in this case, Pon de Kintoki!

▼ And check out these seasonal shots too!

▼ Christmas

▼ New Year’s

▼ Valentine’s Day

▼ White Day

Such cute fuzzy fashionistas! If only they could walk down a fashion show runway, it’d be a perfect show.

Ayu has many, many more fantastic shots of her little furry models on her blog and Twitter, so check those out if you haven’t had enough of the adorable Kintoki, Chikuwa and Menma!

Source/Images: Twitter (@chikuwa_kintoki) via Zhaizhai News